May, 29, 2013 Sidewinders Return to the Shelby County Fairgrounds

The Midwest TQ Racing League presented by Jenmarco.com would like to invite the 600cc non wing sidewinder micro sprints to compete as a support class to the three-quarter midgets in a four race series at the Shelby County Fairgrounds in Shelbyville, Ind.
The series will open on Saturday night June 22nd with additional race dates on July 27th, August 3rd and August 17th. If the timetable on the reconstruction of the Shelbyville grandstands dictate the removal of the temporary seating prior to September 1st one or more of the Shelbyville races may be removed from the schedule.
The race format will consist of two rounds of heat races with the lineups determined by a random draw. The combined finishes of both heats will determine the feature lineup. The purse is based on car count and is guaranteed as per the following schedule. Any cars that attempt to race and do not make the feature will receive $20 tow money.
All drivers must be at least 14 years of age. Any drivers under the age of 18, and other minors that wish to enter the pit area, must have the Annual Parental Consent, Release and waiver of Liability, Assumption of Risk, and Indemnity Agreement signed by BOTH parents. A copy of this form is available for download at www.mtqrl.com (the sixth and final page of the Registration Form).
One parent must also be in attendance each race night to sign the Minor Release Form. If any minors wish to enter the pit area without a parent present a form is available that a parent can have notarized. Please contact Sandy Lowe at mtqrl.pr@gmail.com if forms are needed.
Full face racing helmet, fire resistant uniform (nylon not allowed), head sock/helmet skirt, socks, shoes, gloves, neck collar or approved head and neck restraint, arm restraints and Raceceivers are mandatory.

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