March, 05, 2011 2011 Pre Season Meeting
The Midwest TQ Racing League presented by Vincennes University held their annual Pre Season Meeting on March 5th at the Shelby County Fairgrounds in Shelbyville, Ind. Gary Lee and Greg Staab addressed the nearly sixty competitors who showed up on a cold and rainy Saturday afternoon.
Several items were discussed including:
2010 Yearbook — Should be available by the first race.
2011 Awards Banquet — Will be held at the Vincennes University Aviation Technology Center at Indianapolis International Airport. The competitors stated they wanted a more casual setting so the banquet will feature a tropical theme with Hawaiian music, etc.
Racetracks — Type and location of tracks to schedule races.
Tech Inspections & Safety Equipment — All competitors need to take a look at the Snell dates on their safety equipment. Also, look at the dates on seatbelts and arm restraints. These will be checked.
Weeknight Races — A discussion was held on ways to push back the start times so that competitors could more easily make these shows on workdays.
2011 Pit Fees & Purse Structure
Cars — Need to get as many cars out of the garage and to the track to support the MTQRL. Several persons have expressed interest in renting a TQ. If anyone has a TQ available please contact Greg Staab at director@mtqrl.com.
Radios/Raceceivers —  One-way radio communication between MTQRL officials and drivers will be mandatory in 2011.
Rough Driving — Any intentional rough driving will be called and you will be parked for the evening.
Unsportsmanlike Conduct — Will not be tolerated. You will be suspended if action occurs in front of the fans. If you flip off the grandstand you will be done for the year.
Contingency Sponsors — Tony Stewart Racing will return as sponsor of the Rookie of the Year. Pam Boas was very happy with the Tony Stewart Leader of the Pack Challenge which raised over $4,000 in 2010. Jackson Oil & Solvents will continue their sponsorship of the Duel for Fuel for the third year in a row.
Food Drive — Over 2 pickup trucks of food were donated to the Food Bank at the Rushville race last season. For 2011 the Food Drive will be held at a Shelbyville race.
Columbus Car Show — There will be a car show at the Bartholomew County Fairgrounds on March 12th. They would like to have 3 or 4 TQ’s on display.
Alcohol in the Pit Area — Absolutely no drinking in the pit area during the race.
Fighting — One hand on one person and you are done for the year.
Weight Limit — Discussion was held on the weight limit for 2011 and 2012. An informal opinion vote was taken. Greg Staab will take the results under advisement and issue a ruling which will be posted at www.mtqrl.com on March 12th.
Additional pictures can be found in the Photo section.
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